A Ridiculously Tiny Frog

Earlier this year I spent a couple of days in Pico Bonito National Park, near La Ceiba in Honduras. This was effectively my first trip to the Central American ‘mainland’, so I was ridiculously overstimulated and expecting to trip over a jaguar at any second.

Even in the absence of jaguars, it was amazing! There were the blue morpho butterflies, whose conventional habitat is normally (to me) museum walls, along with hummingbirds, little anole lizards, big trees… it was neat. But the most exciting thing for me happened when I stopped to check out a little waterfall. There was a bunch of bugs… no, wait… THEY”RE TINY LITTLE FROGS!!! Here’s one that I cajoled onto a British 50p coin for comparison. So. Cool.

A tiny frog, with a British 50p coin for scale, on the rainforest floor near a stream in Pico Bonito National Park, near La Ceiba in Honduras

Micro-frog. You can buy this photo here.


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